Special Projects Custom Design

As a footwear design specialist, I am responsible for creating uniquely designed sneakers for high-end clients. My expertise lies in creating one of one pieces that are tailored to the individual needs and preferences of my clients. I use my knowledge of materials, construction techniques pattern development, and design principles to create sneakers that are not only stylish but also functional. I work closely with each client to understand their vision and then use my skills and expertise to bring that vision to life. Whether it's incorporating unique materials, creating custom patterns, or adding personalized details, the sky is the limit.


In 2014 I began the journey that would soon become a business. Not being able to afford much as a young sneakerhead, I turned to repainting and restoring older kicks I wanted as a child to have in my collection. Shortly after posting my progress on social media, the journey to becoming a part time customizer/restorer began. Becoming a youtuber/influencer in the process, I learned the tools of the trade while constantly growing my knowledge in my profession and was lucky enough to teach others some of the tools I have learned.

After seeing the true potential of the career line I had in my sight, I left my personal day job to pursue a full time career in sneakers, September of 2019. I finally made the decision to go full time with my passion and never look back. Being the best decision of my life, I hope that one day you find that one pair I can make for you, so you too can become part of this amazing journey with me.

Throughout the years the only thing stopping me from creating the best of the best, was the ability to create my shoes from scratch. Starting in the latter months of 2021 I purchased my first industrial sewing machine and got to work.

Expanding the vision even further, I then became proficient in digital art. Mastering every aspect from drawing, shading, layering and texturing design work through procreate. Along my career eventually adding 3D renders of my work to showcase my clients and others.

My goal is to ultimately streamline the process for creating a beautiful pair of shoes, from start to finish. Striving to excel in every step of the process from creating to displaying. Through analog and digital. Fiction to reality.